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I'm a very busy single mother of four. Three have finished school, but are once again living at home. The two oldest are in the process of moving into their first house. They grow up too fast. I share custody, of my youngest, with her dad. I adore my children. They are my world. I live in the Canadain Rocky Mountains. I love living in my mountains. I have a spiritual connection and I feel at home here. I currently work with the in the Public Service Industry, with the Canadian Forestry Service, in the Wildfire Division. I help seasonally with fighting forest fires. I have wore many hats with this job. I absolutely love this job, it is awesome!!! It's a great challenge with tons of thrilling opportunities. I get to do all sorts of things and travel all over. I love riding in the helicopter and flying over the mountains. Wow, what a thrill!!!! I used to work with the elderly, the disabled and the mentally challenged. I loved that job, it was also very rewarding. :-) I am really into tattoos. I already have thirteen tattoos and 13 piercings. I plan on getting my whole back tattooed. I also have five other tattoos specially designed for me by my daughter, that I plan on adding to my ongoing work of art.

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Photography, Hiking, Fishing, Tattoos, Biking, Reading, Poetry, Hockey, Working with the earth/gardening, Creating Mystic Groves and other interesting things. I am very creative. Planning things, ie: Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and other "special" events


Forestry Wildfire Worker and Administrative Suppport

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